Monday Meditation – July 16th 2018

Ephesians 4:15

“Speak the truth in love”

A few weeks ago, I had probably the most difficult conversation in my work history spanning since I was 16 when I entered the workforce. I accompanied the department of child safety DCS to tell a mom that her son was being placed in foster care and was not coming home. 

While the reasons for the action were legitimate and their were genuine concerns for her parenting, my heart broke as I saw the tears streaming down her face when we talked. The kid’s mom has developmental delays so I came to interpret the “legalease” of what was happening. My heart sank as I went over the letter that she received and signed for. I wanted to make sure that she understood what took place but also have hope that this wasn’t forever. That moment that she and I spent together created a bond of trust. She knows that everything I do for her and her son is meant to bring them back together. 

Although that story continues,  it is an example of the brutal honesty that sometimes we have to offer others. It’s sad when we have to deliver difficult messages that cause pain for others. It is,however, our intent and our position that makes the difference.

God calls us all to be honest and caring even when it’s hard. Saying things out of spite is not only harmful to others but is harmful to ourselves as well. When we build each other up, we are building up the body of Christ.



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