Sermon Videos

If you missed church on Sunday, or want to go back and review what was said or share it with family, friends, or potential church members, now you can! If you’re using a mobile device (phone or tablet), and the videos below don’t load, or if you'd like to check out our sermon archives, please visit our YouTube channel at We would love to have you join us for worship, but if you're unable to make it, we invite you to watch our sermons and share them with your friends and family, whether or not they currently have a church home.

The current sermon series is a nine-part series related to Nine Fruits of the Spirit: A Bible Study on Developing Christian Character (Green Forest: New Leaf Press, 1999) by Robert Strand. The scriptural reference is Galatians 5:22-25.

Here are sermons from Summer 2017 that aren't part of a series (except for the two-part "Gospel According to Dogs"):

Our recently-completed sermon series was titled "Keep the Faith."  We looked at some of the issues that divide us as a nation. We considered how we, as people of faith, can work toward finding solutions to these issues. And we discovered that the words of Jesus can lead us to tear down walls and build bridges as we seek a better way.

"Christ is For Us" is a Lenten sermon series based on the scriptures of the Revised Common Lectionary. During this series, we explored God’s saving and redeeming love and the new life offered to us through Christ.