Sidewalk Sunday School

Sidewalk SundSidewalk Truck Wide Screenay School is a faith community at Faith United Methodist Church. This high-energy worship experience is designed for children and their families, and features Christian rock music, drama, singing, Bible stories, object lessons, games, prayers, and more!

But Sidewalk Sunday School is more than just a worship service. It’s one of the ways we reach out into the community to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who need to hear that they are loved by Jesus and by the people at Faith Church. Through Sidewalk Sunday School, the children and their families build relationships, not just with us but also with each other, and when they need help – whether it’s through the power of prayer or other means of assistance – Sidewalk Sunday School is the place where they can turn. 150124_SSS_103303Sidewalk Sunday School is not just our church, it’s YOUR church. It’s a place where all are welcome, no matter how old or young!

If you’re looking for an exciting new worship experience and a faith community that is concerned about you and your needs, look for the big yellow Sidewalk Sunday School truck located right in our church parking lot on Saturday mornings (during the school year), and join us for Sidewalk Sunday School!