Spiritual Growth

Spiritual GrowthAt Faith UMC we are committed to helping everyone grow in faith and develop a deeper relationship with God. We do this by offering faith-based studies that focus on present-day issues, along with the historical significance of our faith. By reading the Bible, hearing what others have to say about what we've read, and sharing the way in which the Holy Spirit speaks to us through the text and discussions, we believe we can all develop a closer relationship with God, which in turn helps us be more loving toward one another. Both short-term and long-term studies are offered throughout the year, especially during Advent and Lent, and many are partnered with our Pastor’s sermons. All of our classes and study groups are open to all people, not just church members. Seekers as well as committed Christians are invited to join. The study group typically meets at a local coffee shop on Wednesdays at 10 am. Check the church calendar or call the office for details.



Image by Chris Koelle

Starting the first Wednesday in September, the Pastor's Bible Study will be on The Book of Revelation.  While most people know about the final book in the Christian scriptures, there are many who have not read the book.  There are those who start the book and find it overwhelming or confusing and stop.  There are those who are reading the book hoping to find the code to the end of the world or apocalypse.  And there are others, who read too literally and get overwhelmed by the imagery.

This study, with the help of The Book of Revelation by William Pender, will help us put the book in historical context; helping to make the book far more accessible.  The cost of the book is $11.  Please contact the church office to reserve your book -